Statement of Human and Animal Rights

Collection «Current aspects of military medicine»  adhere to the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals.

Manuscripts containing materials on human research should contain information on their compliance with the ethical standards of ethics committees for biomedical research, the Helsinki Declaration of the World Medical Association on the ethical principles of human medical research, European Community Directive 86/609 on participation of people in medical and biological research, as well as the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 690 from 23.09.2009 «On approval of the procedure for clinical trials of drugs and examination of clinical trial materials and the Standard Regulations on Ethics Commissions».

If the work involves chemicals, hazardous procedures or equipment, the use of which may lead to unacceptable risks, the author must clearly state this in the manuscript. If an animal or human study has been conducted, the author must include in the manuscript a statement that all procedures have been performed in accordance with applicable law and official instructions and approved by the relevant committee of the institution / organization where the study was conducted. In their manuscript, the authors must provide a separate statement stating that permission has been obtained for human experiments.

In the case of research on human subjects, informed consent and other ethical considerations should be mentioned in the "methods" section of the manuscript.

Lack of informed patient consent to participate in the study will lead to rejection of the manuscript.