Conflict of Interests

All manuscripts for articles that are submitted to the collection «Current aspecns of military medicine» must be accompanied by a conflict of interest disclosure statement.

The authors must declare any conflict of interests of contributed authors very briefly in a separate paragraph at the end of the paper. In his absence, the following sentence should be given “Authors declare no conflict of interests”.

Authors must identify any potential financial conflicts of interest before the review process begins (not automatically result in rejection of paper). Regarded as potential conflicts of interest:

  • Direct financial payment to an author for the research or manuscript production by the sponsor of a product or service evaluated in an article.
  • Ownership of shares by an author in the company sponsoring a product service evaluated in an article (or in a company sponsoring a competing product).
  • Personal consultant for companies or other organizations with a financial interest in the promotion of particular health care products and services.

Source of Funding. Authors are required to specify the source of funding for their research when submitting a paper. The information will be disclosed in the Acknowledgements section of the published article.

Gratitude. Authors can express gratitude to the individuals and organizations that contributed to the publication of the article, but not its authors.

Contribution. Information about the contribution of each participant (and the persons indicated in the section "Gratitude").